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About Us

Rowland Landfill has served the City of Raleigh and surrounding counties since June 1971. Bill I. Rowland operated the business until his death in 2003. His wife Sylvia worked alongside him and has continued to operated the business since his death.

We now have moved into the world of recycling and have modified the type of material we accept at this site. Land clearing debris (trees, stumps, limbs etc.) from private homes and businesses are accepted. Leaves are accepted during the fall season, ground and mixed with top soil for a richer material for planting.

Our wood products are ground for mulch, mulch is dyed and sold to contractors and individuals for enhancing their property. Other wood products are ground to our customer’s specifications, delivered by truck to be used as boiler fuel by a local power plant.

Broken concrete is another product we recycle. Contractors who replace driveways, sidewalks, etc. use us to recycle their concrete. We feed broken concrete thru our electrically operated recycle plant using a double deck vibrating screen to produce three sizes of stone for resale.

It is our goal to continue to improve our recycle facility in the future.